2013 – Trademark Group



Building Regulation Certificate (BRC)

The Trademark Group acknowledges the value of creating high quality, sustainable homes. Building Warranty (latent defects) insurance has been a recognised requirement of home owners and lenders in the UK for many years. We have introduced a latent defects insurance scheme on new build properties in Europe. Building Regulation Certificate (BRC) ensures approved construction methods and practice in adherence with strict criteria and BRC’s insurers guarantee the build quality of new homes for 10 years. Our role is to collaborate with house builders and the wider construction industry to provide a risk management capability that improves the standard of new homes. This provides peace of mind to the home owner and confidence to the mortgage lending industry. In 2011, BRC in partnership with Premier Guarantee, one of the leading institutionally – recognised UK latent defects insurance providers, launched the first, and only, building warranty scheme in Cyprus.


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