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The Trademark Group are noted by their peers as having the ability to move with the times in an ever changing property market and pride ourselves on thinking ‘outside of the box’. We are constantly seeking new areas of growth to move into as well as recognising and acting quickly on any new trends that are developing in the market place. We strive to be an innovative and forward thinking company.

Building Regulation Certificate (BRC)

The Trademark Group acknowledges the value of creating high quality, sustainable homes. Building Warranty (latent defects) insurance has been a recognised requirement of home owners and lenders in the UK for many years. We have introduced a latent defects insurance scheme on new build properties in Europe. Building Regulation Certificate (BRC) ensures approved construction methods and practice in adherence with strict criteria and BRC’s insurers guarantee the build quality of new homes for 10 years. Our role is to collaborate with house builders and the wider construction industry to provide a risk management capability that improves the standard of new homes. This provides peace of mind to the home owner and confidence to the mortgage lending industry. In 2011, BRC in partnership with Premier Guarantee, one of the leading institutionally – recognised UK latent defects insurance providers, launched the first, and only, building warranty scheme in Cyprus.


Aware of our potential to make a difference to the lives of people in need, The Trademark Group supports The McMillan Family Trust. The aim of the charity is to assist underprivileged children in deprived areas develop and achieve their ambitions and dreams, with this in mind, the charity has visited local schools offering mentoring advice to pupils as well as financial support where it has been required. Amongst other things, the charity has sponsored local writing competitions and visits to art and cultural venues with pupils from local academies, as well as sponsoring writing courses in Torquay where pupils were able to develop their skills.


My Sea Safe

The Trademark Group have the vision and foresight to look at opportunities in other business sectors, one of these which we have developed is ‘MySafe’ an innovative security product. MySafe is a detachable or fixed safe that has the capacity to hold personal items whilst the user can engage in various leisure activities, this product is now available to the hotel and leisure industries and its contents are guaranteed up to the value of £500. MySafe is now being used in hotels around the world and its impact is continuing to grow across the globe largely helped by its appearance on the famous ‘Dragons Den’.

Trademark Insurance

Trademark Insurance was established to serve the interests of the real estate, construction and people within these industries. It brings a fresh approach to the sector, working with well-established partners who are strategically placed to best serve the client’s needs. We also recognise that the owners and employees of these businesses have personal insurance needs and we are able to satisfy all our clients requirements with a tailored personal service.


Launched in 2008 London Regional Alliance (LRA) is an independent company that specialises in the recovery of corporate debt or overpayments. We are organised into research, legal and corporate teams that scrutinise the workings of local authority and corporate organisations on the instructions of third party clients and high net worth individuals. We have undertaken extensive, ongoing research into the financial accounts of a number of institutions, authorities and public utilities. We have discovered that these bodies sometimes benefit from substantial funds and overpayments with no precedent set for re-allocation of these monies, our continued hard work on these project has resulted in significant repayments to our clients.