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About Us

About Us

The Trademark Group Story

The Trademark Group have been based in ‘Bermondsey’ SE1 for over 20 years. Once an important part of London’s river trade, Bermondsey sat neglected for several decades, until the area’s wharves and surrounding areas started to be renovated in the 1980s, over the years Trademark have become recognised as one of the pioneers in regeneration of this area resulting in a location filled with businesses of various sizes but predominantly based in the media, design and fashion industry. The area is now home to a diverse population of varying cultures, genders and backgrounds wherein Trademark still continue to manage many commercial and residential buildings within their ownership.

The Trademark Group continuously works in joint venture with many of the large house builders, developers and investors in creating new areas to live, work and socialise.

As the company has grown we are now looking to invest in areas outside of London where we will deliver much needed, high quality housing, both private and affordable along with business and retail space where required.